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Speak Up and Get Found: The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search Optimization

    voice search optimization

    Speak Up and Get Found: The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search Optimization

    Voice search optimization is not a fad. Unfortunately for those who refuse to adapt, it’s here to stay and is becoming more of a necessity as technology advances. Voice search has become a normal way of using search engines for many users. 

    Digital marketing is a fairly new career in comparison to other forms of advertising. This is why its evolving nature requires marketing teams to adapt and be flexible. Voice search SEO is no exception.

    But how does one master voice search to trigger responses related to your brand? And why is it important to even utilize it?

    What is Voice Search and Why is it Important in SEO?

    Voice search optimization is the process of utilizing the AI’s responses to a user’s inquiry which will reveal different responses depending on the way the user phrased it and what they want.

    Users can access this technology by using a voice-activated device that can capture their words and respond with an accurate list of their needs or concerns. It’s similar to typing your needs on search engines but more convenient for users. 

    Its uses have increased significantly. Up to a point where it can enhance engagement and brand visibility. This is why optimizing for voice assistants has become a necessity for SEO marketing.

    Welcoming change is the first step in utilizing voice search queries. The next step is to learn what can be done to maneuver its path toward your brand and products. 

    Tips to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

    Mastering voice search optimization requires a bit more than just a few changes to your company’s SEO techniques. Instead, you will have to utilize these tips and tricks to your maximum advantage.

    voice search optimization

    Target Long-tail Keywords and Natural Language Phrases

    Long-tail keywords for voice search are an excellent way of optimizing voice search. Unlike traditional keyword research, long-tail keywords are ideal in voice search and should be included in a natural phrase.

    Phrasing is important when it comes to using long-tail keywords in voice search. By combining the keywords into a naturally spoken phrase, you can increase the chances of users coming across your content and learning more about how your brand’s products and services can benefit them.

    Focus on Answering Questions Clearly

    Most voice search optimization techniques involve clarifying your objectives. This is why content suitable for it should think about the user’s intent. In today’s modern era, voice search is mostly used to answer questions by users.

    “Where is the nearest grocery store?” and “What is the best smartphone?” tend to come up more than other queries. Take advantage of this habit by answering questions with the use of your content. 

    AI in voice search looks up the answers to what their users are looking into. If done correctly, those asking a specific question related to your content will end up in your content.

    Improve the Website’s Mobile Responsiveness and Speed

    Voice search optimization is useful on devices that have it installed. Its increase in use comes from smartphones that have voice search installed inside it. That is why mobile optimization for content is required when utilizing voice search queries.

    However, if your content and website do not respond well on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, you may lose the ability for your content to be used by voice search due to its slow processing speed.

    Ensure the quality of your mobile device optimization on websites, that way your content will load faster and be considered for voice search. 

    Optimize Local SEO for Geo-targeted Voice Searches

    You can choose to further utilize AI by appearing in featured snippets for voice search. A great way to do so is to optimize your local SEO for it to be geo-targeted.

    When users search for the nearest product or service, geo-targeted content will appear with a few lists that users can choose from. However, only mobile users with their location on will automatically receive your content if they search for the products or services related to it.

    To optimize your content to appear on geo-targeted searches, consistently mention the area you have chosen to target by offering promotions or ads focused on them. 

    Implement Schema Markup to Provide Richer Search Results

    Voice search optimization can provide faster results with your content if you apply a schema markup that can be easily read by the search engine’s AI. Schemas are formats for content writers that are applied similarly to code structuring.

    By doing so the pattern is easily read by the search engines and can be ranked faster compared to other similar content or your competition’s brand.

    Consider the Use of Conversational Language and Readability

    A big problem with voice search is the lack of clarity and conversational language. Voice search optimization helps users find your content. However, the content’s clarity is what will keep them engaged.

    Some voice searches will have the AI assistant read aloud the answers to your content. If the content is readable, the voice search will say it smoothly for your user’s experience. 

    Conversational language is also something to be utilized. Make sure the tone of your content isn’t mono toned to increase the interest and engagement of your targets to your brand’s services or products. 


    Voice search optimization can create a new opportunity for your brand to be more visible and expand its reach to potential customers. Hopefully, these tricks and tips in voice search SEO can help you during the implementation process.

    Still confused about where to start? Don’t worry; let us help you unleash the power of voice search! Contact us today to optimize your website for voice search now!