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August 2023 Google Broad Core Update: What You Need to Know

    August 2023 Google Broad Core Update: What You Need to Know

    Google has a significant history of implementing algorithm updates and search index changes. In fact, in 2021 alone, Google introduced over 5,000 alterations to its Search functionality, according to data from Search Engine Land. These updates are aimed at continuously enhancing user experience by providing the most relevant and trustworthy search results. Google consistently releases core updates to ensure that people receive the most helpful information possible.

    Although core updates are not intended to specifically target certain sites or pages, they increase the visibility for pages that were previously ranked low. On the other hand, pages that were once rewarded may experience a decline in their rankings.

    This month, Google has rolled out yet another core update, making it the second core update this year. Google made an official announcement about the update on Twitter and subsequently updated its Search Status Dashboard

    Specific details of this core update are not yet released as to how it will directly impact search rankings. But, Google shared that it will focus on improving user experience by delivering the most relevant and reliable search results. Over the years, Google has consistently emphasized the significance of producing high-quality content that is pertinent to users. Therefore, users should expect that if your content lacks quality, you might feel the impact of this Google Algorithm Update. 

    The rollout of the August 2023 Google Core Algorithm Update is expected to run for approximately two weeks.


    What actions should you take in response?

    Again, although we are not sure about its specific impact, it is widely understood that a Google Core Update can potentially influence a website's search performance or not at all.

    The reality of this matter is that digital marketers often panic when they hear about a core algorithm update from Google. This causes them to immediately inspect their website for any fixes.

    Remember, Google advises individuals who notice a decline in their website ranking to prioritize enhancing their website quality rather than seeking technical solutions. Google emphasizes that a decrease in performance following a core update does not necessarily indicate any problems with the website itself. It could simply be a result of the adjustments made by the core update.

    However, Google understands that those who notice a drop may still feel the need to do something. Likewise, Google suggests the following measures to enhance your search performance following a core update.

    • Focus on ensuring that you are offering the best content that you can, as this is what algorithms seek to reward.
    • To make an audit of the drop that you have experienced. Look at which pages receive the most impact and what types of searches they are for.
    • Check Google’s Self-Assessment Questions and self-assess your content. 

    This will help you determine where your content falls short. Then, take what you learn and improve your content to meet searchers' needs. Still, Google stresses that enhancements may not necessarily help with recovery, and there are no fixed or assured positions for pages in Google's search results. 

    2023 Google Algorithm Updates:

    February 2023 Product Reviews Update:

    • Previously impacting English only, support for 10 more languages was added.
    • Rollout completed: March 7 (14 days).

    March 2023 Google Core Update

    • Google provided no new guidance.
    • Rollout completed: March 28 (13 days).

    April 2023 Reviews Update

    • Google’s “product reviews system” was changed to “reviews system.”
    • Google altered the language of its guidance on product reviews to apply to all types of reviews (e.g., services, businesses, destinations, media).
    • Rollout completed: April 25 (13 days)

    August 2023 Core Update

    • Designed to enhance search results. 
    • Rolled Out August 22 (not yet finished)